My body has always been my greatest  teacher in life.

Since I was very little my body was talking to me but I was not able to understand her language. Moving through a big skin sickness to a hormonal disease, to countless bladder infections, to accidents, to sexual pain and discomfort and many forms of wounds that had no logical source. I was fighting against my feminine body and spirit for 27 years of my life. Working with and through my body has been the biggest transformation of my life.


The Tantric, Taoist and Shamanic path has opened my heart, my body, my soul and re-connected me with my divine feminine. This has opened up new relationship dimensions across all elements of my life. 


Feeling how this work has changed my life, I am excited to share it. To support you through your pain, your traumas, your discomforts towards expansion, love, freedom, and pleasure. 


If your body calls you to experience another dimension of life, if your heart expands when you read some of my words and if your feminine spirit wants to fly free, just reach out to me. I am there. 

healing for women

We will create a safe space to allow your full self to be seen, heard and respected. Through my work with the five elements, various conscious communication techniques, tantric rituals, ancient shamanic ceremonies and Taoist practices, I will journey with you towards the depth of your soul. To be, to release and to simply be alive!

  • Connecting with your feminine body

  • Appreciating your feminine body

  • Feeling your own feminine body

  • Synchronizing your menstrual cycle

  • Being and seeing who you are

  • Releasing sexual trauma

  • Clearing trauma & ancestral trauma

  • Awakening your feminine spirit

  • Welcoming your sexual energy

  • Communicating your truth


healing for couples

We will create a safe space that will allow you two to really unfold and to show your light and darkness to one another. Together we will move through the desires and fears of your relationship. With the support of beautiful tantric rituals we will invite intimacy into the space. With ancient shamanic ceremonies we will release and manifest. And with a variety of communication techniques we will establish an energy between you that allows for truth and authenticity to be welcomed. 

  • Designing your path of connection

  • Being vulnerable with one another

  • Communicating truth to one another

  • Seeing each other in full light and darkness

  • Understanding each other's desires and boundaries 

  • Realising what no longer serves in your relationship

  • Awakening the purest pleasure between you two

  • Owning your own sexual energy in your relationship 

  • Welcoming new energy into your relationship

  • Being and simply healing together

  • Building a path for unconditional love to flourish between you two

"So I wanna say, 

Thank you for showing up
In both chaos and peace, 

Struggle and ease
The greatest gift of all is to be
Loved unconditionally"


- Fia

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by Hanna Ruddies


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