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[Registration closes on 29th of December]


Closing the old.

Stepping into the new. 

Celebrating life. 

Last Full Moon Magic of the year.


So much has happened this year. The world has been shaken up. And we all went through our individual and collective journeys. 


This is a simple invitation to come together in sisterhood to close this year in full honoring of the entire spectrum of what this year represents for each and everyone of us. To honor all the feelings and all the movement that happened. To close it with respect. 


This is a simple invitation to step into the new. To embrace everything that is yet to come. To call upon the magic of life for the new year that we are about to enter. 


This is a simple invitation to celebrate life. To celebrate that we get to live this life. To celebrate that we get to experience this potent time on our precious earth. To celebrate that we are living.

30th of December 2020

2pm - 8pm Portuguese Time

On Zoom

A journey in connection

Let’s close this year in connection. 

In connection with ourselves and with all the beautiful humans around us. 

Let’s come together to breathe, to move, to let go, to manifest and to dance. 

Let’s say YES to life together.

A journey with yourself

Let’s take a moment to pause and to truly reflect upon the year that you just lived through.


Let’s see how you changed throughout the year and notice the being that you brought to life during this potent time.


Let’s reflect upon who you have become.

Let's share love with ourselves.


A journey to simply BE

Let’s dance through a journey of being ... We’ve done so much this year. Literrally on so many levels.


Let’s simply exhale and be held.

Let's become really present with our current state of being and notice the simple glimpse of magic in that state.

YES to a day of closing, of opening and of celebrating in sisterhood.

Come and join in connection and celebrate freedom!

Where? On Zoom


When? Wednesday, 30th of December from 2pm - 8pm Portuguese Time


Energy Exchange? 55€

[If you feel the deep call to come but are facing financial challenges, please do reach out, we'll find a way!!!]

Registration? Please click this link to submit your registration for this online journey. 


With love & hugs,


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I'm Hanna and I truly love holding space through shamanic, tantric, and Taoist arts. And above all, I feel called to support humans towards expansion. Come and join this online journey if you feel called to simply close the old, to step into the new and to celebrate life.

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