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free yourself

A 6-week long journey into your womb and female sexuality.

Olá sister, Dear woman,

There is a wisdom that has been lost in our society.

The wisdom that our soul speaks to us through our body.

This can show up in our physical body in the form of:

  • pain during sex

  • a diagnosis of PCO, endometriosis, or cervical cancer

  • suffering from bladder or yeast infections

  • no bleeding or suffering from pain during our menstrual cycle

  • not being able to get pregnant

And in the connection to ourselves in the form of:

  • feeling disconnected from our womb or yoni or our sexuality in general

  • not hearing our inner voice

  • the of lack creativity in our life

  • no regular self-pleasuring


This isn't by chance.

The deeper truth is that your femininity is calling you. 

Allow my story to make this more clear ...


When I was younger, I had endless bladder infections, was diagnosed with PCO, felt that sex equals pain and hence never self-pleasured, had an operation as my vagina was partially closed, was unable to hear my inner voice, stopped bleeding for many years and once I started again I could not do anything while bleeding as my cramps were super painful, never looked at my vulva, and in general never really desired true love making. I went from doctor to doctor feeling heavily exhausted from not finding a solution to my so called problems. Until the point I almost accepted that this was all normal and just the way it is.

I was full of shame and once said out loud that I punish myself for being a woman. Yes that’s how I felt. I had a feeling of inferiority for being a woman.


And then my inner voice started to speak to me from a deep far place inside that there is more out there. That I deserve a life free of pain and full of bliss. That's when I came across different healing modalities that took me deeper than everyday doctors ever could. 

This path freed me.

The pain and feelings I described above are no longer my reality.

On the contrary, I live in a body that is full of sexual energy. I feel more alive than I've ever felt before. I bleed and honor my cycle with grace. I have extensive self-pleasure sessions. I've never suffered again from PCO or bladder infections and not once had pain during sex again. I am able to get pregnant and every time I say or write that, I get goosebumps.


Frankly, this work has absolutely changed my life.


When we take the courage to find the deeper truth behind our dis-eases, we come home to ourselves.

Which means, dear sister, you will feel more






In flow

In love with yourself

I am here to remind you that your femininity speaks to you.

She is getting louder and louder and it’s time to listen.

As my story showed, it’s possible.

And I'll say it one last time: IT'S POSSIBLE TO BE FREE.

And that's why I created this course for you. This course is here to guide you into a life free of pain and a deep connection to your womb and sexuality.

If your body calls you, come and join me in the feminine healing container, free yourself. 

Over a journey of six weeks we'll meet for a total of ten live sessions, to dive into topics such as:

  • Connection to your yoni & pleasure

  • Healing of your feminine ancestral lineage (read more in my blog post)

  • Clearing of your past lovers (each intimate connection stays in our body for a period of seven years if we do not clear it)

  • Activating your womb (our womb is our center of creation and our gateway to our femininity)

  • Healing your menstrual cycle

  • Clearing blockages in order to hear your intuition more clearly

Each Tuesday we'll gather to dive deeper into your womb and into your sexuality. Layer by layer you'll peel back your old skin. Every second Saturday, we'll go through deep healing sessions for you to let go of limiting beliefs, of sexual traumas, of pain, and of ancestral attachments.

Why now, sister?

Because enough is enough.  It's time. You are here to feel yourself. You are here to be in love with your own sexuality. You are here to honor your womb. You are here to be free.






free yourself

6-week online journey

every Tuesday 6.30-8.30pm GMT


every second Saturday 6.30-8.30mpm GMT

(for deep healing sessions)

Start: New Moon 13th of March

End: Full Moon 27th of April

+ one integration call

Price: 444 €

"Pure sun, joy for life and warmth seem to radiate from Hanna. She has a gentile way of guiding you to what you are ready to look at, and holding space for you throughout the process.


Her guidance is empowering and liberating. I am filled with gratitude towards the love, energy and healing she brings into the world."


"Thank you for creating such a beautiful setting where I could experience so much energy, trust and healing. I was able to take so much with me and develop a much more gracious view of my body and my being. It took a lot of strength for me to leave my comfort zone, to join the online sessions and to show myself as I am.


I have always had a safe feeling through your sensitive guidance and always felt held."


"Zoom fatigue is real. However, this program is different to any other online programs. Every time I showed up, Hanna was able to transport me into a special room alongside other sisters where I felt safe and 'offline‘.


Every single week, Hanna guided us to connect deeper, with each other and our bodies. What I loved most was that I could integrate all the practices and teachings Hanna gifted us with so generously into my everyday to create a long lasting change."


Your feminity is calling you.

Join and free yourself, sister.

I'm Hanna and I truly love holding space through shamanic, tantric, and taoist arts. Trusting my body to guide me through a deep healing transformation has changed my life. Learning how to see and feel my body as the biggest gift has opened new dimensions of pleasure. I moved from sickness to love. From fear of sex to sex as something magical. From being unable to get pregnant to a healthy womb. The path towards trusting my own body has changed my life. And I am now here to share what I have felt inside of my body. Come and join this online journey if you feel called connect with your womb and to heal your sexuality. Breathing and exhaling into aliveness & freedom alongside other sisters.

Come and join in sisterhood and show that it's possible!