Olá beautiful woman,

On this page you can find a few resources that I have collected for you.

Enjoy diving into your feminine essence.





Why is this thing called sisterhood so difficult?

I hosted a free masterclass for you and here you can find the recording.

Let's lead ourselves to a new dimension of sisterhood.

Sisterhood_a free masterclass
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NO to limitations. YES to abundance

The sentence that inspired this live recording on Instagram was: "I can't afford this. I can't do it." Here is the recording for you which is all about moving from limitations to abundance.

from limitations to abundance
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Feminine Breathing Meditation

It's so important to breathe with our body every single day in order to feel yourself. This is a 15 minutes guided meditation to help you connect deeper with your body and your feminine core.

Enjoy. Breathe. Connect.

Feminine Breathing Meditation
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Self-Love Journey

We often tend to forget to really share love with every single part of our body and it's so important in order to feel aliveness. This is a 15 minutes guided journey for you to share love with yourself.

Relax. Love. Share.

Self-Love Journey
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