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Four feminine morning practices to fully feel yourself through connecting with you body

feminine movement


Life invites us to come back home to our bodies.

To come back to the remembrance of what it feels like ...

... when our bodies lead vs our incredible active mind.

... when we let go of control and go onto a journey with our body.

... when we start the day so grounded and connected with every part of ourselves.

... when we allow ourselves to feel all the emotions through our body.

Because this will root us into our beings, into our essence.

It'll make us feel so free, connected and simply grounded.

Four practices
One body.

These practices have travelled with me for years.

They have allowed me to root into my body deeply,

so that I can fully trust my body.

My body is my home.

And it's time that every single human being on this planet takes time to fully feel their bodies, to feel through all emotions and to lead from that connected place.

Are you with me?

Four elements
One body.

Each practice takes you onto a journey with another element.

Earth, Water Fire and then Air.

Each of those elements live inside of you and they will support you in connecting with yourself on a deeper journey. These practices are here for you to simply feel yourself, sister.


feminine movement

4 pre-recorded sessions

each approx. 60 minutes

lifetime access to the recordings

During each session you'll be guided into a different morning practice to feel your entire body and to surrender into the wisdom of your body.

Your Body Investment: 88€

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