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Feminine Embodiment Online Journey

Feminine Embodiment Online Journey

You are wholeheartedly invited to embark on a journey with me. A journey towards your own unique feminine essence. 


A 2-months journey to connect with yourself. Two full moon cycles to go deeper. 

Start: 15th of October // End: 17th of December

Every Thursday from 6pm - 8pm GMT on Zoom

+ additional optional sessions (11.11.2020 + potential new/full moon sessions)

+ one week without sessions for integration/pause

Being rooted in your body

It’s time to fully embrace who you are. Who are you right now? What are you ready to let go of? What is ready to be born?


I personally truly feel that this potent time invites us all to come back to trust, to our inner strength, to our inner wisdom, to unleash the wild woman inside of us so that we can step into our power as female goddesses around the globe. 

During this online journey, we’ll embark on a journey towards your feminine sensuality and full expression. This is a journey towards full expansion of your inner and outer self. We’ll move through ceremonies together to pray for the collective, we will honor our bodies and move through deep immersions to let go of what is no longer ours. 


You’ll leave this experience with a bag full of tools to have at home to navigate through these times of change.

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Unleashing your feminine

softness & wildness

Throughout the journey we'll dive into a variety of topics in order to unleash your feminine softness, wildness, wisdom, sensuality, strength and sexuality. Each week we'll explore a different topic alongside the following themes: 

Feminine Embodiment

Receiving tools to ground yourself

Moving your body to come into inner union

Awakening your feminine body

Female Sexuality

Connecting with your divine body

Activating & welcoming your Life-Force sensual energy 

Expressing your own desires and your own unique truth


Womb & Yoni Connection

Connecting with your feminine core

Giving voice to your womb

Releasing anything that is holding you back

Ceremonies & Cycles

Celebrating the moon cycles

Connecting your your feminine cycle

Honoring everyone around us on Mother Earth



Feeling the elements around us

Embodiment all the elements inside of us

Working with the elements to support our healing journey

Connecting with sisters during

a time of change

During time of change, it's inevitably important to create a container of softness for us. A container that may empower us to step beyond our fear. To step beyond any limiting belief. And to simply come back to our pure essence, our softness, our feminine embodied self. 

There was this one simple calling that came to me one day. To create a female online journey in order to support other sisters around me to step into their magical bodies in order to create the new world that we are currently shifting towards. This is my way of being of service to this Earth and this world we live in right now. 

I invite you to come along. 

To breathe with me. 

To dance with me. 

To cry with me. 

To laugh with me. 

To scream with me. 

To exhale into your softness with me.

And not just with me but with other sisters from around the globe. 




Write me and we'll move through this together!


Come and join in sisterhood and embody your own unique feminine flow!

Where? On Zoom


When? Every Thursday from 6pm - 8pm GMT.

Start: 15th of October - End: 17th of December

+ additional moon ceremonies + 11.11.2020 ceremony


Energy Exchange? 290€ for the entire online journey, incl. all recordings of all sessions available to replay for 365 days. 

Some of the energy exchange will be donated to a girls of color fund for sisters in need right now. 


Registration? Please click this link to submit your application for this online journey. 


With love & hugs,


Join this online journey

I'm Hanna and I truly love holding space through shamanic, tantric, and Taoist arts. And above all, I feel called to support humans towards expansion. Come and join this online journey if you feel called to simply come home. Home to your own unique self. Breathing and exhaling into wildness & softness alongside other sisters.

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