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A 4-month new moon circle where we anchor into the warmth of sisterhood. A safe place where we create from a place of love. A group that helps us to anchor into truth and create a life that represents just that.

There is something so freakin potent about the creation of rituals and having a group of powerful beings that ignite our fire each time we gather.

This year, the new moon circle is all about this:





It's a place where we truly commit to creating a life that represents our deepest soul desires. And we come together each month to support one another to create. To not just think about it but to move into action within the safety of our community of incredible women.


Our process

For 4 new moon we gather online.

Until summer solstice.

You'll be guided into a body practice to anchor into your body's truth.

You'll have space to share, to be silent, to listen, ... to create!

This is your space.

To be YOU.

And it's US who create this container and the magic in it.

And for the space and your process of creation, we'll have a WhatsApp group to support you


I'll be sharing two voice recordings in there each month with a practice/inspirational sharing/guidance to keep the theme of the month alive in your cells.

What I desire for you to know

This group's intention is really to support one another throughout the rest of winter, during the creation time of spring - up until summer starts. It's a safe place to come to for support, guidance, creation and love. And hence, this is an intimate space which is why the group is a fixed circle of women.


A minimum of 10 women.

I desire for us to really get to know one another.

For everyone to just be themselves.

So that this year, you get to create your desired life.

And be witnessed in your creation.

It's like a relationship we get to build with all its funky nuances that come with that.

All right, let me summarize it all for you:

4 moon cycles

1 group of women

4 live online new moon circles
Always at 7pm CET for approx. 90 minutes
Two inspirational voice recordings per month
A Sisterhood WhatsApp group

YOUR anchor

Start: 20th of February

End: 18th of June



And if you wonder:

YES this is a space where we will be together for 4 months and we all commit to creating our unique life. Not alone. But in community. And I am so freakin excited to be with you all till summer starts.


In Creation.

Let's be together. Let's create together.

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