I am a healer. I am a space holder. I am a coach. I am a white woman.

I am a trainer. I am a student. I am a friend. I am a daughter. I am a sister. I am a lover. I am an explorer. I am a traveler. I am an ocean lover …  

And I am so much more but above all, I am simply human and divine.

my story

There are so many stories to my life that I am gifted to live and surely you are only reading a glimpse of what the universe unfolded for me throughout my life up until now.  

Born in Hamburg, Germany, and raised by a therapist and a photographer, I've always wanted to explore the world and the uniqueness of every human being. After many travels and locations, I feel I have come home; home to my purpose, home to my heart, home to my body and home to the land I feel most connected to, Portugal. I feel alive, I feel simply expanded. 

There have been many mountains I had to climb throughout my life and many valleys to walk through and what always kept me going was my trust, my trust to the magical universe. 

Holding space for women and organizations is expanding my heart. Supporting women to connect deeper with their bodies, and to feel their true feminine essence, as well as to guide organizations into exploring a more conscious direction, is a true gift for me. 

healing trainigs

  • ​Training as Shamanic Tantric Women Healer with Anna Maria Hernmarck


  • Training in Tantra Foundations with Littlejohn Cook


  • Training in Authentic Leadership with DSIL
    Thailand & Indonesia

  • Learning, assisting and expanding with Kobi (Tantraheart) in Tantra & QiGong

      Thailand & Portugal

  • Body & Voice Training with Jorge Parente


  • ​Womb Reset Training lead by Anna Maria Hernmarck and supported by Robyn Linn, Mira Moonya, Minke de Vos + many more wisdom keepers


business trainings

  • Bachelor of Science in International Business

  • Executive Certificate in Design Thinking and Leadership

      Indonesia & Thailand

  • 7+ years working experience in NGOs, social businesses, consultancy firms, and network structures
    Serbia, Germany, Portugal, The Netherlands and more

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