I am a healer. I am a space holder. I am a coach. I am a white woman.

I am a trainer. I am a student. I am a friend. I am a daughter. I am a sister. I am a lover. I am an explorer. I am a traveler. I am an ocean lover … 

And I am so much more but above all, I am simply human and divine.

my story

There are so many stories to my life that I am gifted to live and surely you are only reading a glimpse of what the universe unfolded for me throughout my life up until now.  

Born in Hamburg, Germany, and raised by a therapist and a photographer, I've always wanted to explore the world and the uniqueness of every human being. After many travels and locations, I feel I have come home; home to my purpose, home to my heart, home to my body and home to the land I feel most connected to, Portugal. I feel alive, I feel simply expanded.

There have been many mountains I had to climb throughout my life and many valleys to walk through and what always kept me going was my trust, my trust to the magical universe.

Holding space for sisters is expanding my heart. Supporting women to connect deeper with their bodies, and to feel their true feminine essence is a true gift for me.

free . soft . expanded . wild

My body is my greatest  teacher in life.

Since I was very little my body was talking to me but I was not able to understand her language. Moving through a big skin sickness to a hormonal disease, to countless bladder infections, to accidents, to sexual pain and discomfort and many forms of wounds that had no logical source. I was fighting against my feminine body and spirit for 27 years of my life. Working with and through my body has been the biggest transformation of my life.

The Tantric, Taoist and Shamanic path has opened my heart, my body, my soul and re-connected me with my divine feminine. This has opened up new relationship dimensions across all elements of my life.

Feeling how this work has changed my life, I am excited to share it. To support you through your pain, your traumas, your discomforts towards expansion, love, freedom, and pleasure.

If your body calls you to experience another dimension of life, if your heart expands when you read some of my words and if your feminine spirit wants to fly free, just reach out to me. I am there.


trusting . living . loving

the arts of womb & yoni healing

My womb was the one that initiated my healing journey. She tried for years to make herself be heard. She got louder and louder until I finally stopped and listened to her.
I was not hearing my inner voice because my womb was storing old pain.
I was not bleeding for years as she was holding the wounds of my lineage.
I could not speak my truth as she has been shut down for generations.
I was not able to give birth to new life as she has been violated for generations.
I was not able to build roots as she as our connector to earth was storing old emotional traumas.
I could go on and on.
In essence, she is our essence. She is our core and gateway to our femininity. To our flow of life. To our bliss. To our emotions. To our feelings. And it's time for us to honor our womb and our yoni.
They are our gateway to our feminity.