I am a woman, a sister, a healer, a daughter, a medicine woman, a student, a friend, a teacher, a dancer, a lover, an artist and so much more. But above all, I'm simply human.

​It's such an honor to have you here and first and foremost, I'd love to welcome you with my open heart to my site. My desire is that you get a glimpse of who I am, of my energy. There is so much that I could share with you here and I also know that at the end, you'll simply FEEL if I'm the woman who can support you in your healing journey.

You know.

And I'm ready to hold you when you feel a YES inside of you.

But now, a piece of my own journey.


When I was younger, I had a feeling of inferiority for being a woman (I did not realize that back then of course). I was diagnosed with PCO (a hormonal sickness that prevents you from getting pregnant), felt that sex equals pain and hence never self-pleasured, had an operation as my vagina was partially closed, was unable to hear my inner voice, never looked at my vulva.


I was full of shame and once said out loud that I punish myself for being a woman. Yes that’s how I felt.


When I started my healing journey,
I realized that when we take the courage to find the deeper truth behind our dis-eases, we come home to ourselves.


And that is axactly what I did, I digged deeper and deeper and finally understood that my soul is speaking to me through my body.


I heard her speaking to me from a deep far place inside that there is more out there. That I deserve a life free of pain and full of bliss. That's when I came across different healing modalities that took me deeper than everyday doctors ever could. 

This path freed me.

The pain and feelings I described above are no longer my reality.

On the contrary, I live in a body that is full of sexual energy. I feel more alive than I've ever felt before. I've never suffered again from PCO and not once had pain during sex again.


Frankly, this work has absolutely changed my life. The Tantric, Taoist and Shamanic path has opened my heart, my body, my soul and re-connected me with my divine feminine. This has opened up new relationship dimensions across all elements of my life.

This work has brought me back to living life my way.

It brought me back home to my purpose.

And this is exactly what I desire for you.

I desire for you to live life your way.

To live a life free of pain and instead full of bliss.

To be free of ancestral pain and instead full of magic.

Whenever you are ready to find magic each and every single day,

it would be an honor to see you

in one of my next programs or to work with you 1:1.