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private container


Healer & Mentor for women to create a life led by their hearts, with their yonis pulsating pleasure to their core and who lean into the magic of life.

I help women like you liberate themselves. 


In these deep practice containers, I guide you to live and lead from your unique heart and soul (and not your head).


To live a life anchored in your body and led by love, sourced in the insanely beautiful wisdom of your womb, yoni, and body.

To really express all of who you are.

All of what desires to live through you.

Always - in your unique way!


There are no words to describe my devotion to this work and it’s my deepest pleasure to hold this sacred space for you.


I’d love to share a little bit about my process (just for your active brain to get some juice here, too) but to be honest, most of the magic I cannot put words to. It’s only felt. And I trust that you feel it, too. 


Growth & Transformation


You know that there is more of YOU out there. Life has been asking you to tap into the feelings and energies that you've been avoiding up until today. Your heart screems: "There is more love!" and your body has been talking to you but the language between you two got lost along the way. And you know, that now is the time to grow and transform beyond what you thought would be possible.


I know, this work takes courage and I know you have so much of that inside of you. I will walk by your side and hold you all the way through it but you have to be ready to transform.

Body, Heart & Yoni led

I guide you with my open heart and through the wisdom of my open and receptive yoni, which provides a wisdom that is beyond magical. All of this allows you to connect to yourself, your creative energy and your life force energy. 

I make you feel so held, accepted and loved.

This is the place from which we begin and it's the place from which you get to free yourself of your open wounds, embody all of who you are and express your uniqueness with safety and freedom.

We'll pave the way for you to be led by your body, heart and yoni which will ultimately bring more clarity, aliveness and love into your life.

What I desire for you to know

aka your commitment

This practice container needs your commitment and devotion.

Yes, this is an emotional as well as financial investment for yourself (or rather in yourself) and the magic that will come out on the other end is dependent on you putting love, time, care and space into this container. This means that you’re ready to transform, to grow and to commit yourself to becoming the version of yourself that so desires to be born right now. 

My private containers are uniquely designed for each woman. 

After we spoke, I’ll share with you how I see our work unfolding 

because I desire this space to be designed for YOU. 

The minimum time of a private container is 3 months.

Ready to connect?

Choose a time for our get-to-know call and let’s see where the journey takes us.

If you desire to know how this work has changed the life of other women, you can read more here.

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